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Color Catcher Spray & Spritz Box


Use this spray box to protect your workspace from overspray when working with your favorite ink sprays, paints, and adhesives.

Easy to use, compact and portable- you can even use the Color Catcher with your airbrushes. It is designed to catch overspray and keep your area clean.

The Color Catcher is designed to fold down so you can store it away when it's not in use or you can take it with you on the road. 

When folded down, it easily fits into your bag. Not only is it portable, but it's also easy to assemble with the instructions in the packaging.

Box measures 10" wide x 10" high x 10" deep.


  • • Spray & Spritz Box
  • • Protect your work area
  • • Portable & Reusable


crafting products made in the usa

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