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Architextures Stash Paque - Enjoy

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7 Gypsies Architextures Stash Paque is a booklet of vintage inspired labels, stickers, ephemera and art. Everything is printed on different weights of paper in a variety of sizes.

The booklet is hand stitched at the top, allowing you to flip through the collection page by page, keeping all of it together for ease of storage.

The inside front and back cover of the packaging are filled with wonderful art you can incorporate into your mixed media projects.  


Package includes:

  • • 2 sheets of sticker labels with writing and designs. There are also plain labels for adding your own words, labeling things or just adding a nice finishing touch.
  • • 2 different styles of sticker alphabets, 1 sheet each.
  • • 2 sheets of coordinating art in various sizes. These pieces can be used as is or can be cut into smaller art pieces.
  • • 2 sheets of ephemera printed on heavy-weight cardstock.
  • • 1 sheet of adhesive-backed textured floral heavy-weight paper.


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