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Architextures Crystal Ornaments Trinkets

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7gypsies Architextures Trinkets are a set of 3 realistic adhesive embellishments inspired by a theme of vintage objects. These dimensional, textured items look and feel like the pieces that inspired them.

Trinkets can be added to mixed media projects, cards, journals, planners, books, ledgers, shadowboxes, art pieces and more.

One more unique thing about Architextures is the packaging. Every single piece of the packaging can be used in your mixed media projects! The packaging is printed double sided with vintage patterns and designs.

A set of 3 tinted ornaments that truly resemble glass ornaments once found on the vintage Christmas Trees, hanging from the chandelier or as decorative elements in victorian homes. So detailed you can feel the actual etchings in the "glass".


  • • Set of 3 unique crystal ornaments
  • • Ornaments measure approximately 2" x 2"
  • • Adhesive backed


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