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Gelly Roll Stardust® Clear Pens, 2 pk


Embellishing with sparkle can transform the simplest image into an unexpected treasure! Easily and neatly adorn paper or photos with dashes, lines, dots, stars, or doodles using Stardust® clear ink!

The reflective brilliance of Gelly Roll Stardust® sparkles best on light or dark colored, glossy or matte paper surfaces.

A little glimmer can be just the right accent to highlight or draw attention to special details. Crystal clear gel ink is blended with star twinkle to add pure sparkle to your writing and embellishments.

The glittery 'dust' is an inert, cosmetic grade, finely ground ingredient – which produces the reflective brilliance.  

The Gelly Roll Stardust® clear pens have 0.5mm bold line, 1.0mm ball 


  • • Set of 2 clear glitter gel pens
  • • No smears, feathers, or bleed-through on most papers
  • • Not recommended for use on fabrics
  • • Not evaluated for cosmetic use on skin

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