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iZink Diamond Glitter Paint (available in 29 colors)


Light Pink 80828
Coral 80826
Peach 80827
Red 80839
Light Green 80843
Dark Green 80842
Pastel Green 80831
Turquoise 80838
Azure Blue 80882
Sky Blue 80833
Beautiful Blue 80884
Caribbean Blue 80821
Blue 80844
Navy Blue 80820
Pastel Pink 80830
Magenta 80841
Pink 80840
Violet 80823
Rose Eggplant 80880
Mother of Pearl 80829
Silver 80836
Copper 80837
Gold 80835
Pastel Gold 80834
Gold Copper 80824
Golden Azure 80879
Brown 80845
Black Coffee 80881
Black 80846

Embellish everything and enjoy the sparkle!

iZink Diamond Glitter Paint is suitable for all types of creative projects! It provides maximum sparkle in a paste-like form that is easy to use with stencils, scrape on a surface with a palette knife, apply with a brush, or even paint with your fingers!

Permanently fix on glass, metal, or ceramics by putting in the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.

Washable on tote bags, clothing, and all textiles... no heat set needed!  Wash on cold for best results.

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