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Lindy's Gang Magical Shakers (available in 25 colors)


Oom Pah Pah Pink - Lindy's
Alpine Ice Rose - Lindy's
Cuckoo Clock Cardinal - Lindy's
Autumn Maple Crimson - Lindy's
Cowabunga Copper - Lindy's
Oktoberfest Orange - Lindy's
California Poppy Gold - Lindy's
Yodeling Yellow - Lindy's
Lederhosen Laurel - Lindy's
Cathedral Pines Green - Lindy's
Time Travel Teal - Lindy's
Guten Tag Teal - Lindy's
Bavarian Blue - Lindy's
Afternoon Delight Denim - Lindy's
Polka Purple - Lindy's
Magnolia Magenta Gold - Lindy's
Grab a Guy Gold - Lindy's
Bratwurst Brown - Lindy's
Black Forest Black - Lindy's
Frozen Jack Frost - Lindy's
Stormy Silver - Lindy's
Glittering Gold - Lindy's
Antique Gold - Lindy's
Aged Copper - Lindy's
Antique Bronze - Lindy's

Designed for use on everything from paper to wood, these high quality dye-based powders are non-toxic and acid-free.

Sprinkle them directly onto a porous surface and spray it with water for a vibrant stain, or mix them into different mediums to create vibrant pastes. These powdered dye shakers have a low key shimmer that appeal to everyone!

The powders are incredibly potent, so it only takes a tiny amount to colorize any medium.

Each color stands beautifully alone, but when blended with other colors, the results are truly breathtaking.  


Featuring an easy to use shaker for sprinkled techniques.  You can also open the lid for even more colorizing options!


crafting products made in the usa


  • • Pigment powder in a shaker bottle
  • • Available in a variety of colors, each sold separately
  • • Non-toxic and Acid Free
  • • Made in the USA

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