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Nuvo Crystal Drops (available in 50 colors)


Bubblegum Blush Gloss - 672n
Carnation Pink Gloss - 666n
Party Pink Gloss - 690n
Blushing Red Gloss - 1808n
Red Berry Gloss - 667n
Moroccan Red Gloss - 689n
Sugared Almond Gloss - 671n
Ripened Pumpkin Gloss - 665n
Buttermilk Gloss - 652n
Dandelion Yellow Gloss - 673n
Apple Green Gloss - 669n
Olive Branch Gloss - 688n
Woodland Green Gloss - 663n
Caribbean Ocean Gloss - 670n
Duck Egg Blue Gloss - 680n
Blue Babe Gloss - 693n
Double Denim Gloss - 691n
Midnight Blue Gloss - 664n
Berry Blue Gloss - 1807n
Sweet Lilac Gloss - 668n
Crushed Grape Gloss - 662n
Plum Pudding Gloss - 687n
Morning Dew Gloss - 677n
Oyster Grey Gloss - 681n
White Gloss - 651n
Ebony Black Gloss - 650n
Antique Rose - 656n
Shimmering Rose - 1806n
Heritage Rose - 1810n
Autumn Red - 683n
Auburn Pearl - 686n
Copper Penny - 654n
Pale Gold - 676n
Bright Gold - 653n
Mustard Gold - 1802n
Soft Mint - 1803n
Bottle Green - 682n
Neptune Turquoise - 661n
Blue Ice - 1809n
Wedgewood Blue - 660n
Navy Blue - 659n
Raspberry Pink - 657n
Rhubarb Crumble - 679n
Violet Galaxy - 678n
Wisteria Purple - 658n
Ivory Seashell - 675n
Caramel Cream - 692n
Dirty Bronze - 1804n
Silver Lining - 655n
Liquid Mercury - 674n

Nuvo Crystal Drops add eye-catching 3D embellishments quickly and easily to your projects and artwork. Use Crystal Drops to make a variety of different sized dots or draw freehand swirls, strips and other decorative shapes.

Putting the finishing touches on your project has never been simpler! The self-levelling formula ensures rounded dots that keep their shape and stick to a variety of mediums.  

To create embellishments for another day, simply apply the drops to a non-stick sheet or glass mat and allow them to dry. 



  • • Easy to squeeze bottle
  • • Contains 677 drops in every bottle
  • • Available in a variety of colors, each sold separately
  • • Conforms to ASTM D4236


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