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Nuvo Expanding Mousse (available in 11 colors)


Red Leather 1706n
Mustard Seed 1703n
Tuscan Gold 1701n
Bramley Apple 1704n
Cactus Green 1709n
Iced Aqua 1710n
Boatyard Blue 1705n
Misted Mauve 1707n
Worn Linen 1700n
Natural Cotton 1711n
Grey Matter 1702n

Nuvo Expanding Mousse is perfect for adding unique textured details to your mixed media cards and projects.

Each color provides a lustrous shine - thanks to highly-pigmented mica powder.

You can use as a normal embellishment mousse or texture paste, but the real magic happens when heat is added!  When the mousse is heated, the mousse will expand and change to be covered with a bubble texture.

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