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Glimmer Glaze Paints (available in 10 colors)

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GG Sea Kelp
GG Nori
GG Palo Verde
GG Blue Cheese
GG Latte
GG Fuzzy Coconut
GG Coconut Shell

Glimmer Glaze is semi-transparent paint with mica that adds a subtle, yet beautiful shine to any project. This glaze paint will adhere to almost any type of paper from slick to matte finished surfaces. Either brush it on thin for a flat appearance or apply thicker to achieve a slight dimensional texture when it dries. 

It also acts as a great resist paint! Just brush on the paint and let it dry. When spray mists or inks are applied over the Glimmer Glaze, the glaze will resist the other product while retaining its shine and color. 

Each petite 1 oz. bottle is equipped with a paint brush inside the cap. Simply shake, stir the glaze with the end of the brush, and apply to your project. The brush also allows you to use the paint to distress paper or fabric and to add a finish to the edges. 

For best results, shake before using. Air dry or use a heat tool to speed up the process. 


crafting products made in the usa


  • • Semi-transparent glimmer paint in 1 oz. clear bottles
  • • Available in a variety of colors, each sold separately
  • • Brush in the lid
  • • Acid Free
  • • Non-toxic
  • • Made in the USA

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